Daniel Padgett

Turning Insight Into Innovation

About Me

Hi, I'm Dan! I'm an interaction designer skilled at synthesizing and presenting research to create personas, and constructing user flows, design patterns, and prototypes. I love understanding and solving problems, making products and process work better for the people that use them, and teaching others how to solve problems using design thinking.

I am currently a UX Designer at CyberWorx, an Air Force human-centric design center housed at the US Air Force Academy. Historically, I've helped people through teaching and instructional design. Before starting my current role I was the LMS Training Lead at the US Air Force Academy. In this role I focused on helping faculty create learner-centered experiences using the Academy's LMS. I also led special projects where I designed products to help meet the mission of the Academy. If you'd like to see how I've used design thinking in some of those projects, please check out my Design Projects page.

My academic background is in Math and Philosopy, and I hold a PhD in Philosophy. Along with allowing me to read, think, and write about some really cool topics, Philosophy has helped hone the skills I employ to design useful solutions by:

  • Developing my ability to understand information systematically and organize it in intuitive, simple, and coherent ways;
  • Teaching me how to ask insightful questions that reveal assumptions, motivations, and pain points;
  • Providing plenty of opportunities to think creatively and outside the box; and
  • Encouraging my curiosity and desire to learn about, understand, and apply new concepts and ideas.

As a professor and instructional designer, these skills have been further refined and applied to interaction design. To design learning experiences well, I have learned what makes for efficient, effective, and engaging interaction with a product. I can also communicate my ideas extremely well: as a teacher and an academic, I've become adept at presenting and explaining information (even very technical content) to varied audiences. Since learning experiences can always be improved, I've become an expert at seeking feedback from users and iterating based on that feedback. And, because it's sometimes easier to just do it yourself, I've learned how to code in HTML to design websites (like this one, which uses Bootstrap).


If you're interested in what I've done and where, I've kept a complete list of things I've done as well as a short summary of my experience. If you're interested in a shorter presentation of my skills and abilities as a UX designer, please check out my resumé. If you'd prefer to see an exhaustive list of what I've done professionally and academically, please take a look at my CV. If neither of those have what your are looking for, please contact me.

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