Design Projects

Below you'll find a quick summary of some design projects I've worked on. To view more details for a project, click its headline.

Saving Time With User-Centered Design

UX Skills: Interaction Design | Prototyping | Usability Testing | Journey Mapping

By adapting agile design principles, I digitized two components of an annual assessment cycle at the US Air Force Academy. Central to this project were two rubrics I designed and built in the Academy’s learning management system. These rubrics were easy to use, met the leadership’s requirements, used by 200 assesors, and saved Academy staff 915 hours of work per assessment cycle. Because of these successes, the department that commissioned this project is now fully invested in adopting the LMS for use in all training and assessment programs.

Retooling The Faculty Toolbox

UX Skills: Information Architecture | User Research | Personas | Wireframing | Sketching | UI Style Guide

My first design project at the US Air Force Academy was a redesign of the Faculty Toolbox, a website faculty use to learn about the Academy's learning management system. The redesign process involved: user research; building personas; restructuring the site navigation; wireframing and prototyping content templates; and creating and implementing a style guide. In my role, I will continue to update the site in response to faculty needs. But the Toolbox is already seeing a consistent increase in use: 163 new users in the past year, which is a 46.3% increase in traffic.